Head / Fiore
Hair / Besom New Girl
Top / Pumpkin @Kustom9 Cropped Crewneck


Build / Thunk! @The Crossroads Recording Shed (rare)

Guitar / Thunk! @The Crossroads Modern Studio Guitar on Stand
Drumset / Thunk! @The Crossroads Modern Studio Drumset
Computer Table / Thunk! @The Crossroads Home Studio Table
Computer / Thunk! @The Crossroads Music Computer
Speakers / Thunk! @The Crossroads Studio Monitor
Keyboard / Thunk! Studio @The Crossroads Keyboard Synth
Books / Soy. Stacking books
Frames / Soy. Vacant Frames
Baskets / The Loft & ARIA – Hexa Basket Pair – Natural
Postcard Collection / floorplan. postcard collection / hipster
Chair / The Loft & Aria – Hexa Chair White
Floor Lamp / Soy. My DIY Lamp [w/ lighting]
Microphone / Thunk! @The Crossroads Modern Microphone
Shelf / Soy. Record Shelf
Table lamp / The Loft – Task lamp Black
Glass with Mushroom / Soy. Cloche with Mushroom coral
Tapestry / Soy. Wall tapestry ‘LIVE’
PlanterThe Loft & Aria – Hexa Succulent Planters
Shelf / Soy. Record Stand Rack
 Bare Tree / Soy. Bare tree

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