The Trip



Today I went back to my roots. By that I don’t mean anything profound šŸ˜› , simply that I took a trip to theĀ Tempura Island sim – the coolest place to ‘hang’Ā forĀ noob me back in the days. I’m talking about the timeĀ when bling and full bright was normal. Check out the prim-y curtain in the background! That’s vintage gold.

Anyway, back to 2016. If you like the cool ‘hands in your pocket’ style jackets we see in trend these days, this Overhigh maxi is for you, same pose and simply the chic-est gown ever. Instant cool, just like that. Get it k?



Head / Fiore
Dress / Overhigh
Fur / Ryvolter – Maxine Shoulder Stole
Earrings / ZafairĀ Diamantato Fiore Rose Earrings
Sunglasses / Rowne.Actress – Sunglass (Black)
Hair / FioreĀ – Roux
Location / Tempura Island



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