2-trempePIN IT

2trempePIN IT

3-trempePIN IT  

 (Swimsuit – Miamai Kezia / Jewelry – LaGyo, Paper Couture, Sigma & AmeliaRae Moleno / Pose – Del May)

I’m excited to share with you the cover and editorial work I got to do for the lovely Anna Sapphire‘s TREMPE magazine. When Anna and I brainstormed about the concept of this shoot, Anna wanted the photo to have a colorful and summery feel. Like always I thought and over thought the concept till I was completely blank. I must have taken at least fifty snapshots, none of which I liked. The one that finally worked and we both liked was the spontaneous pic (first from top) for which I did no thinking. Isn’t that how life works at times? Something refreshing happens when you go with your whim.


Check out the amazing work of some very talented second life designers, photographers, stylists, and models in the current issue of TREMPE magazine:


I hope you do something spontaneous today! Take a different route to work, meet someone for a surprise lunch, wear a fun bright shade of lipstick, or just give a stranger a smile : ) Enjoy your day.



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