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Taking you guys to the Arcade event! I know, you’ve probably seen two hundred photos from the Arcade event already so I’ve picked up things that I personally haven’t seen photographed as much as the others. The hair/wig (?) I’m wearing is what really caught my eye. The rest of the look and decor is inspired purely by the hair. I’ve taken lot of photos of the decor and Arcade location for you. Hope you guys enjoy 🙂

Skin / .Birdy. @Arcade  Blair Skin  ~Porcelaine~ Shine (Blond)
Hair / (NO) @Arcade  Foam Wig – Mod Bob
Coat / (Elate!) @Arcade Willow Coat Alpha
DressDRIFT Sexy Lil Dress – Sequin Set
Collar(Yummy) Bow Scarf – Solids
Clutch / ::{u.f.o}::@Arcade – Coco animal clutch – Fox – Camel
Ring(Yummy) Candy Ring – Red
Pose-.label motion.- Petra Pose
Shoes / Ingenue @Arcade :: Noella Heels :: Plum



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Doll / Japanese Kokeshi Doll (FREE)
Nightstand / Olive @Arcade – Forget Me Not Bedroom Set

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Lamp / LISP – Winter Floorlamp
Luggage / LISP Bazaar – Pinky Boo Suitcases
Olive @Arcade – Forget Me Not Bedroom Set

arcade08PIN IT

Bed, Dresser, Vanity, Frames , Tables – Olive @Arcade – Forget Me Not Bedroom Set
Mannequin / What Next – Paperdoll Mannequin

arcade06PIN IT

Bench /Olive @Arcade – Forget Me Not Bedroom Set


Arcade Location

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TP to the Arcade


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