We make our faces, our suits, our selves just a little more ready for wherever it is we’re going. Fashion is never just the clothes. It’s our mood, our excitement for something, our expectations, our attitudes, our outlooks. Managing those is often what getting ready is all about and that’s what our short tries to capture.” — Massy Tadjedin


Dress: NYU – Razorback Dress, Long Mono (NEW! @FaMESHed)
Inner Shirt: P.C; Starry Night Gown (only wearing the shirt layer)
Hoodie: Eshi Otawara – Glitter Hoodie
Hat: P.C; Starry Night Gown (part of the outfit)
Ring: P.C; Diamond Fan Ring

Set: William Weaver’s Edward Hoppper Build (FREE, get it here)


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