01 The First


So I started to blog again.


Welcome! This blog has been sitting in private for months. I’ve been debating whether or not to do this.  Flickr (micro) blogging has been working fine for two years, but last week I finally decided to make a new start. Maybe you will find something that you like out of my posts.


I think it is time for me to start doing what I want to do…Create, Learn, & maybe if  i’m lucky – Inspire.  (cont…)

Skin. Dutch Touch Yri

Outfit. Chantkare – Bergman – Spring 2011 Collection (OUT SOON!)

Hair.   [OH] Bob (fhaya.denimore)

Handbag.  LaGyo Leather tote bag (NEW!)

Sunglasses.  Emery – Aviator Blue

Necklace. Spring 2011 Tokidoki Necklace (NEW!)


Psst. Just for this weekend, this Tokidoki ballerina flower shoes are for 50L @ Tokidoki Mainstore!

(pic source: ilovetokidoki.tumblr.com)

xx Miaa

12 Comments 01 The First

  1. Applonia Criss

    My dearest Sister THANK YOU soo Much for having CHANTKARE as your very 1st Post. You have inspired me and i wish you the Best with this New Chapter in your SL life. ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. Miaa

      Thank you Berry 😀

      You inspire me in every blog you post – with your photography, style, kindness, intelligence, & anti-Catero comments lol thanks!

  2. Keshi

    I am so proud *dabs eyes* Ok there’s your cheese. Seriously though babe, this is awesome first post! And yeah you inspire, keep on doing it! <3

    1. Miaa

      Thank you Loli & Pari 😀

      Sorry, I didn’t add earlier, I’m still in the process of finding & updating the list. Added now 😀


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